Don't get stuck in the dark... literally: How to prepare for a power outage

Don't get stuck in the dark... literally: How to prepare for a power outage

Don't get stuck in the dark... literally: How to prepare for a power outage


Here in Central Florida, we had an early taste of hurricane season with Tropical Storm Elsa’s appearance on our west coast. Thankfully the impacts were minor, but we all know that the next “big one” is always on the horizon and we need to be ready. Beyond the life-threatening aspects of summer storms, it’s the inconveniences that often hit us the hardest. And nothing is more inconvenient than losing power for an extended period of time. (Is anyone having Irma flashbacks?)

So let’s talk about how we can prepare now for a power outage, so we don’t get stuck in the dark… literally.

  1. Keep the lights on

You will need more than a few candles and small flashlights. Think about how you will light each bedroom, living area, bathroom and kitchen. Camping lanterns are great for stationery light. What if you need to go outside and check on your yard or help your neighbors find their missing dog? A headlamp is the perfect solution. But none of these will matter if you don’t have the right batteries. We love the budget-friendly large packs of batteries on Amazon like these.

  1. Stay cool

Honestly, for Floridians, this can be just as important as keeping the lights on, but it’s much trickier to do. The best solution is to buy a generator that will run your air conditioner, but not just any generator will do. Here’s a great article with more info. An alternative is to buy a portable air conditioner that will run on a smaller generator and will cool one area of your home. Not sure which is best? Get in touch and we’d be glad to help you decide. 

Are you worried about a power surge damaging your HVAC system? We can install a surge protector to prevent this from happening. Head here to request more information.

  1. Eat more than crackers

Let’s be honest.. none of us really want to eat the peanut butter crackers and canned tuna that we stock up on for storms. So make preparations now to eat well even in a power outage. If you have a generator, you can use your microwave, which offers lots of great options for heating up ramen, macaroni, canned soups and (most importantly for some of us) water for instant coffee. If you don’t have a generator, you can buy a camp stove that works off of propane or you can use your own charcoal or propane grill. Just be sure you have what you need if a trip to the store isn’t possible.

  1. Don’t be stuck without a ride

If you had to get your garage door open without electricity, could you? Now is the time to figure that out, so your car isn’t stuck in your garage during a power outage. 

  1. Make a plan for medications

If your medication needs to be refrigerated, what will you do in a power outage? The best option would be to have a generator that can run your fridge or even a mini fridge. Secondly, you could make plans for friends or family who may have power to store your medications for you. Finally, you may need to be prepared to evacuate to a shelter near you that can keep your medications refrigerated. 


This certainly isn’t a comprehensive list, but we hope that it will get you thinking and prepping for a power outage, so your family can stay safe and comfortable, no matter what the storm season brings.

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