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Heat pump does make some sort of noise while operating and it is considered normal. However, if you hear any strange noises while the heat pump is running, then it means that the device needs a check. These strange noise include whistling , sound that comes when two metal touch together, noises in the air duct, noise when motor is running. All these noises need to be checked and solved by an experienced HVAC contractor.

Regular annual maintenance of heat pump by a professional is recommended.

The reason for your heat pump making noise while turning on but the device not running can be because of damaged fan capacitor. A capacitor is responsible for storing the electrical energy for a period of time and pass on the energy to the compressor. You can tell the capacitor is going bad when the heat pump has a delay in starting. So don't wait for the heat pump to stop running completely because of a bad capacitor which can cause further problems.

Whenever your heat pump goes to the defrost mode, it is normal sometimes for the device to make a vibrating noise. But if you hear any clicking, grinding or screeching noise, please contact your HVAC service to check for any leakage or damage of any parts.

Sometimes a heat pump makes noise even when it is not running. The main reason might be the transformer. You might want to get the unit's transformer checked.

If your heat pump is making noise and also notice that fan is not spinning along with some grinding noise, then you must switch off the unit. If you want , you can adjust the thermostat in emergency heat position till you get someone to fix the issue.

If your outdoor unit is making noise, first make sure that your outdoor unit is free from debris and no objects are stuck. If you hear any metal hitting sounds, then switch off the unit and examine the fan blades. Also check for any loose parts. If the sound is very loud, please consider contacting an experienced HVAC contractor.

A filter in an air conditioning system helps in removing dust and debris and prevents these dirt from entering the indoor air thereby improving the quality of air inside the room. If you run the AC without the filter, the system will still work but since the function of the filter is lost, the air that blows will have impurities and also in sometime, this can cause further problems by restricting the airflow. Hence you shouldn't really think about running an AC without a filter. Regular cleaning and replacing the AC filter is recommended.

Yes, your AC can definitely catch fire due to short circuit, keeping inflammable substances near the unit, obstructing airflow and faulty parts in the system.

Your AC will leak water due to many reasons - if drain pipe is blocked, air filter is dirty, if the temperature outside is cold, if refrigerant levels are low. You can wait for a day to check if the problem persists or if you see that the leakage is increasing or not stopping , then you may contact your local HVAC contractor.

The refrigerant/coolant in the AC system absorbs heat from the air indoors and transfers it outside. It is also responsible for reducing humidity. Evaporator coil is responsible for the cooling effect and is situated near the fan.

An AC might blow hot air - if you have set a higher temperature in your thermostat, if the air filter is blocking the air flow, if the compressor is damaged or if the coolant is low. You can check the thermostat and adjust if set incorrect and also check the air filter for any dirt and clean/replace them. For checking the faults with compressor and coolant, please book an appointment with your HVAC contractor.

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