Tips to reduce home allergens

Tips to reduce home allergens

A house is supposed to be the safest and comfortable place to be but you might be wrong if you are constantly having allergies and suffer from asthma or hay fever. Most of the times, it's from your home that you contract these allergies.

Dust and debris are the main culprits of indoor allergies. There are many common types of allergens. These include:


Molds are basically fungi. The seeds or spores travel through the air and inhaling these spores causes an allergic reaction in some people. Indoor fungi grow in damp areas often in bathroom, kitchen and basement.

Prevention tips:

  • Use Central Air Conditioning system with a certified allergy friendly filter.
  • Lower indoor humidity
  • Keep your house clean especially the damp areas.

2. Pet dander:

Dead skin of pets cause pet allergies.Keeping air ducts clean from pet dander, hair and skin will prevent these types of allergy.

3. Dust mites:

Dust mites prefer to stay in places with a humidity of 70% to 80%. Warm weather contributes to the growth of dust mites. They mostly feed on dead skin. Make sure to keep dust mites away by following the tips below:

  • Clean bed and wash the bed sheets and other fabric at least once a week.
  • Vacuum bed, sofa and other furniture where there is a chance for dust mites to grow
  • Reduce home humidity since dust mites need high humidity to grow, you might want to consider making your home cooler

4. Cockroach dropping:

Cockroaches live all around the world and also in all kinds of temperature, hence avoiding them completely is difficult.

Still, measures can be taken to prevent cockroaches and its feces from causing allergy.

  • Make sure to declutter and clean your household objects regularly 
  • Call the pest control services to get rid of any cockroaches at home

5. Pollen:

There are various types of pollen and people are allergic to different ones. Your home dust will contain traces of pollen and eventually cause allergy to people at home. Pollen allergy is one of the most common allergies found in people.

  • Clean your home and make it dust-free
  • Check the Air conditioning filter and clean or replace them if needed

6. Optimize your HVAC system:

Always go for a good quality filter that can filter out even small particles of dust.

Air filters are measured or rated according to MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). The value ranges from 1 to 16. Low quality filters are of range 1-4, household filters are of range 7-12 while filters of higher MERV (5-16) are used in commercial buildings.

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