R-22 Systems are about to become illegal and effect Homeowners in a big way

R-22 Systems are about to become illegal and affect Homeowners in a big way.

Some systems built before April 2009 have the refrigerant R-22 in them. Some homeowners have been avoiding the cost of replacing their systems to see if they can get by this summer before having to bite the bullet and Invest in a new system. Some deciding factors could be either the cost of the replacement and what’s the actual deadline

R22 will become illegal in the US on 01/01/2020

According to the US EPA, R22 refrigerant will become illegal in the United States on January 1, 2020. This means that it will no longer be produced in the US or imported.

After this date it will become much more difficult and expensive to get the illegal R22 refrigerant. As a result, repairing older R22 systems will become very expensive when the repair requires adding refrigerant to the system.

Per the EPA:

You may continue to have your equipment containing R-22 serviced. The most important thing you can do is to maintain your unit properly. Appropriate servicing minimizes potential environmental damage and maintenance costs. It is important to select a reliable service contractor. Technicians must have EPA Section 608 certification to service equipment containing R-22.

If the system is leaking, let the tech find the leak and offer alternatives rather than just adding refrigerant. (that would be a waste of good money)

For now, homeowners that have R22 air conditioners will have 3 choices:

  • Keep repair cost as low as possible, nothing that requires R22 refrigerant
  • If its leaking, have the technician convert the system to an alternative refrigerant.
  • Stay ahead of the issue and replace the entire AC system.

Hire a licensed contractor and have your system inspected and decide which is best for you.

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A licensed contractor will often steer you in the direction of a retrofit/replacement and have several options for efficiency and financing.

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