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Cut your energy bill today with these 5 easy changes

Have you been on the NextDoor app lately? If so, you’ve probably seen posts like this… “Why is my energy bill so high?!” or “Did your electric bill go up too?!” Unfortunately, this isn’t your typical NextDoor drama. The statistics back up these anecdotes. Florida Power & Light recently raised their rates by 18% and the Orlando Utilities Commission announced a similar increase. Let’s be honest… this is the last thing most of us need right now. So what can you do to lower your energy bill?

1. Change your AC filters

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the most difference! A dirty filter causes your air conditioner to work less efficiently, so the next time you’re at Walmart or on Amazon, grab a pack of HVAC filters. Not sure which type you need? Here’s a Consumer Reports article with links to their favorites. Don’t have time? Give us a call. We know just the filters you need and would be happy to change them out for you, plus any additional maintenance you need.

2. Limit your pool pump

A pool pump uses a significant amount of power, but since it’s out of sight, it’s also often out of mind. Do you know how many hours your pool pump runs each day? FPL recommends that you limit it to 6 hours per day in the summer and 4 hours per day in the winter.

3. Turn up the thermostat

You knew this one was coming. We recommend that you set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher and keep the fan set to auto. If you’re going to be away from home for more than a few hours, raise the thermostat to 82 degrees for additional savings. While we Floridians love a cool home, turning up the AC just a degree or two can really save you money.

4. Run your washer and dryer efficiently

Most of our washers and dryers have more buttons and functions than we understand or use. But it’s worth it to learn about your units’ efficiency settings. For example, you can usually adjust the water level of your washer to match the size of your load. Using cold water whenever possible saves energy too. And keep that dryer lint catcher empty. Anytime your dryer cycle time is reduced, you’re saving money!

5. Turn down the hot water heater

While those scalding hot showers feel great, they also increase your power bill. Here’s a video showing how to adjust the temperature on your hot water heater:

FPL’s site states that “The average household spends about $15-20 per month to heat water. Lowering the temperature by 10° could save from 3 to 5% of your energy costs.”

In one Saturday morning you could easily make all of these changes and see a reduction in your energy bill. Are you concerned that your HVAC system may be contributing to those large bills? Let us take a look at your system and help it run more efficiently. Head to our site to make an appointment for air conditioner maintenance. We’d be happy to help!