Easy ways to support the veterans in your community

Easy ways to support the veterans in your community


If you’ve paid any attention to the news lately, you likely witnessed the incredibly chaotic withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan. No matter what your opinion of the decision, we can surely all agree that the manner of withdrawal was incredibly demoralizing to the troops as they watched many of their Afghan allies and coworkers panic to respond to the sudden events. Perhaps your heart went out to the troops, those who served there previously, or especially to the families whose loved ones had given their lives in Afghanistan. We certainly ached for all those affected.


But what can be done? While most of us can’t influence foreign policy, all of us can support the veterans in our community in so many ways. Our support can show them that their service matters and their community is grateful. 


Here are a few ideas:


Volunteer at the VA

There are countless ways to support your local VA hospital. Often you can give tours, escort patients within the facility or just provide companionship. Schools can organize card-writing campaigns or church groups can prepare gift baskets for residents. For more ideas, head to the VA’s volunteer site.


Hire a veteran

Do you own a business or have influence over your company’s hiring decisions? We suggest being intentional about bringing veterans onto your team. The qualifications are obvious. Veterans have been fully vetted, well-trained, often immersed in multiple cultures, and are proven team players. And what better support could you offer than meaningful employment to serve the communities they’ve fought to protect? The Department of Labor offers many resources for recruiting veterans on their dedicated site here


Say thank you

This is simple, but so meaningful. If you personally know a veteran, tell them thank you. Send a text, an email, or a note in the mail. If you don’t have a personal connection, there are wonderful organizations like Operation Gratitude that allow you to send cards and care packages to veterans and active military members around the world. Just a small thank you can go a long way!


Spread the word

If you’ve had a good experience with a veteran-owned business, spread the word! Make a post on Facebook or Next Door to let your neighbors know. And don’t forget one of the most effective (and easy) ways to help a company… leaving a positive Google review.


At Veteran Air, we are passionate about supporting veterans. Our owner, Walt Mathias served in Desert Storm and founded the company with the goal of giving back to the community and to those who have served. If you’d like to know more about Veteran Air, head to our website.

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