Veterans, let's talk

Veterans, let's talk

It’s in our name. It’s in our mission. Serving veterans is at the heart of who Veteran Air is. So this month, we’re partnering with to focus on one of the most fundamental services for veterans…. therapy. 

According to their site, 


“Active duty military members and veterans experience a high rate of PTSD — possibly as many as 34% suffer from this debilitating condition. Furthermore, according to the Veterans Administration, an average of 17 veterans took their own lives each day of 2019.”


This is a big deal to us, but we know that there are so many obstacles to therapy. A major one right now is the pandemic, but here is where online therapy can be so useful. Maybe you have doubts or questions about doing therapy this way, so we’re sharing the answers to some frequently asked questions from the website:

What is online therapy for veterans?

Online therapy for veterans is an electronic therapy option for active duty service members, retirees and military family members. Online counseling can be delivered via Zoom, texting, live video/videoconferencing, email, real-time chat, online journaling, and mobile apps. Veterans must have access to a PC, laptop, smartphone or other mobile devices to take part. Services may include counseling, group therapy, substance abuse treatment, life coaching and other mental health interventions, all specifically aimed at veterans.

Is online therapy for veterans effective?

Online therapy for veterans can be very effective with a qualified therapist and a reputable provider. Location, availability, and access play a vital role in how or whether veterans in need can get mental health therapy and counseling. Since skilled and qualified clinicians with experience in veterans’ mental health issues are often in short supply, online therapy for veterans fills the gap. However, to be successful, a program needs the cooperation commitment of both the therapist and the patient.

What are the benefits of online therapy for veterans?

Online therapy for veterans offers many advantages over in-person counseling. This medium is flexible and convenient. It eliminates transportation issues and travel time, making therapy accessible to more veterans than ever before.

Many veterans dealing with PTSD and other mental health issues find it difficult to leave their homes. With online therapy, this is no longer a problem. They can get invaluable therapy from the comfort of their home. Plus, since they’re in a familiar environment, they are often more open and receptive to the therapeutic effects of counseling. This option is also an excellent way to deliver services to veterans who live in underserved areas.

How much does online therapy for veterans cost?

Online mental health counseling for veterans ranges greatly in price. Some providers offer counseling on a sliding fee scale, and these sessions may be free or cost as little as $5. Trials are often available for discounted fees, such as $50 for a 30-minute session. Many online therapy providers offer subscriptions at a discount compared to pay-as-you-go fees. On the lower end, you can expect to pay $50 to $100 per session. On the higher end of the scale, therapy can cost hundreds of dollars per session.

Certain online clinicians support teaching and training. Those companies provide behavioral health student interns with the opportunity to get real-life experience. Veterans may receive therapy services from these interns for free. Online therapy providers may also accept VA Choice and a variety of insurance plans.

If you or someone you love is in need of therapy, we suggest that they head over to to see their list of Top Picks for Online Therapy for Veterans, which provides details and links for several reputable and recommended counseling groups. 

If you have served our country, we are so grateful, and we hope that you will reach out for the help you need, so that you can be an active and healthy member of your family and our community.

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