HVAC maintenance for pet owners

Pets make great friends. Owning a pet at home makes you and your kids understand how to love and be responsible. Playing with a dog can enhance brain activity and also help you boost your mood. Based on a study by the American pet products association and American Veterinary Medical Association, 68% of households have pets. 

Following are a few maintenance tips for pet owners:

1. Protecting outdoor unit

The outdoor air conditioning unit helps to get rid of the heat your AC collects from your house. Pet urine can damage the outdoor unit. Make sure the outdoor unit is well protected using barriers that restrict the pets from accessing the outdoor unit.

2. Clean or Replace AC filter

The AC filter cleans the air, hence regular cleaning or replacing the AC filter is recommended. Removing the filter depends on the model of the air conditioning system you have. Once removed, you may note the following points while cleaning the filter:

  • Clean your AC filter every 30 days
  • You can gently vacuum the AC filter
  • Wash using warm water (DO NOT use dishwasher) and be sure to dry the AC filter completely before you reinstall.

How often should you replace the AC filter?

You must replace the filter every 90 days/3months. A dirty filter can cause damage to other parts like compressor. Hence it is better to change it. For household having pets, replacing Ac filter every 60 days/2 months is recommended.

3. Protecting wire from pets

Products for protecting wires are available in stores and online stores as well. You can cover wire using a cord cover, pvc pipe or double sided tape.

4. Pet Grooming

Hair and pet shedding can cause clogs in the air filter. Make sure to groom your pets regularly.

5. Cleaning air ducts

When the air ducts are clean, the heating system will last longer and also makes the air inside the home much cleaner. Schedule a HVAC maintenance now and stay fresh at home!

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