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  • Floridians, let's get outside!

    Floridians, let's get outside!

    There seems to be a misconception about Florida… that we always have beautiful weather and live outdoors year-round. Sure, we don’t shovel snow or have grey days for weeks on end, but we certainly do our fair share of hiding from the weather. For many of us, this means that our gorgeous sunny days are observed from inside our air-conditioned homes, as we peek through our blackout curtains and switch our ceiling fans to high, attempting to stay cool without breaking the bank. But isn’t that a bit sad? That we live in a virtual paradise, yet can’t fully enjoy it? We are in the climate control business, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want you ....

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  • Is it too late for a summer A/C tune-up?

    Is it too late for a summer A/C tune-up?

    There’s a good chance you planned to call someone out to service your A/C unit before the summer months. But maybe you never got around to it. You got busy, money got tight, life got crazy. So now it’s September and you’re thinking that the summer is ending, so you should just wait until next year. But let’s check that last sentence again… because if you’ve lived in Florida long enough, you know that summer isn’t really ending for a long time. We can easily have temps into the 90’s for several more months (anyone having flashbacks of sweating in their Halloween costumes? So the answer is no , it’s not too late for a ....

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  • Don't get stuck in the dark... literally: How to prepare for a power outage

    Don't get stuck in the dark... literally: How to prepare for a power outage

    Don't get stuck in the dark... literally: How to prepare for a power outage Here in Central Florida, we had an early taste of hurricane season with Tropical Storm Elsa’s appearance on our west coast. Thankfully the impacts were minor, but we all know that the next “big one” is always on the horizon and we need to be ready. Beyond the life-threatening aspects of summer storms, it’s the inconveniences that often hit us the hardest. And nothing is more inconvenient than losing power for an extended period of time. (Is anyone having Irma flashbacks?) So let’s talk about how we can prepare now for a power outage, so we don’t get ....

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  • Why is one room always hotter than the others?

    Why is one room always hotter than the others?

    This is a very common complaint… the one room that is always hotter than others in the summer. If it’s a bedroom, family drama ensues when its occupant is always turning down the AC and freezing out everyone else! Well, there actually are some practical ways to even out the temperature in your home. Check out these ideas: Better windows Double pane windows really can make a difference in a room’s temperature. Now might be the time to consider changing out the windows in the room that runs hot. Plug those leaks Maybe it’s not just the windows that are the problem, but also the area around them. Are there cracks or leaks that need to be ....

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  • Veterans, let's talk

    Veterans, let's talk

    It’s in our name. It’s in our mission. Serving veterans is at the heart of who Veteran Air is. So this month, we’re partnering with to focus on one of the most fundamental services for veterans…. therapy. According to their site, “Active duty military members and veterans experience a high rate of PTSD — possibly as many as 34% suffer from this debilitating condition. Furthermore, according to the Veterans Administration , an average of 17 veterans took their own lives each day of 2019.” This is a big deal to us, but we know that there are so many obstacles to therapy. A major one right now is ....

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  • Beyond the Google search: Finding a great HVAC company

    Beyond the Google search: Finding a great HVAC company

    How to find a good HVAC contractor Your air conditioner is broken. You’re hot and aggravated. The last thing you want is to do a random Google search for “air conditioner repair near me.” How can you really know if they’re any good? And more importantly, can you safely allow them in your home or office? Here are a few tips for finding a reputable HVAC contractor: 1. Ask around Really. That’s our number one tip. If you hear from 3 different people that they loved a certain A/C company, that company probably a safe bet. Friends or family in the repair and construction industry are a good source as well. Some other great places to ask are ....

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  • Is the pollen driving you crazy too?

    Is the pollen driving you crazy too?

    If you've moved to Florida from the north, you may regret leaving your snow shovel behind... not for the snow, but for the pollen! It doesn't take but a step out the front door to see the "blizzard" of pollen taking over our driveways and vehicles. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, we don't have to tell you that the pollen doesn't keep to the outside. And that is why we're here with some tips to deal with allergens inside your home. 1. Use your air conditioner to its fullest potential Even when the temps are nice, we recommend that you keep your windows and doors closed and turn on your A/C unit. This helps to recirculate the air inside the home. But to really prevent the pollen ....

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  • Squeaks, whistling, and grinding… what your heat pump is trying to tell you

    Squeaks, whistling, and grinding… what your heat pump is trying to tell you

    Let’s be honest… most of us are pretty unfamiliar with how our home’s HVAC system works and even fewer of us feel capable of fixing them ourselves. So it makes sense that sounds of grinding, whistling, or vibrating from our unit can easily send us into a panic. But don’t worry. These noises can actually tell you quite a bit about what is happening inside your system. Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers concerning heat pumps: Q: Why is my heat pump making noise? A: A heat pump does make some sort of noise while operating and it is considered normal. However, if you hear any strange noises while the heat pump is running, then it ....

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  • 4 Tips for Setting Up Your Commercial Kitchen

    4 Tips for Setting Up Your Commercial Kitchen

    You've been on a culinary journey for even longer than you realize. Whether it started in grandma's kitchen or over a hot plate in your dorm room, the spark was lit and your path toward opening a restaurant began. You've struggled, saved, and dreamed and now it's time. Time to build your first commercial kitchen. But it can be an overwhelming process. From health codes to energy efficiency, there is so much to consider. Thanks to our experience repairing refrigeration in kitchens across the area, we've compiled a list of tips for you to consider as you design your kitchen. Consider much food will you store at once Will you keep just enough fresh ingredients for one day and ....

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  • Go green in the New Year!

    Go green in the New Year!

    Did you know that your air and heating system account for about 17% of your total energy usage? (Source: EIA ) So if you're looking to make your home more energy efficient in the New Year, you should start with your HVAC system. So you're saying I have to buy a new unit right? Not necessarily. First, we suggest you address these issues: 1. Heating and cooling an empty house Even though programmable thermostats have been around for a while, we find that many customers still don't have one, or they don't efficiently use the one they have. If you need one, we can easily install one for you. Once you're ready, just five minutes of time could substantially reduce your energy usage. Think ....

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